Video Art



"Listen, Buddy."

Listen, Buddy that ain't no concern of a civilized man.  Frantic, funny, and as uneasy as going through your dad's browser history...




"2016 is the year of the Carpathian Crypts"

Welcome boils and ghouls to a very short datamosh which celebrates NYE with Vigo and everyones favorite Howliday Host...



"orchidz3ro feels bad for spiders..." 

short, sweet, and not nearly as arachniphilliac as your expecting.



"HolyFucking, Christ-Mess"
About 11 minutes of Santa Worship made For Claudzilla's "Nightmare Before Christ-Mess"
December 17, 2015 at the Skylark Lounge, Denver CO
but also, like, made For EVIL OV
COVRSE. all hail SANTA!



Thank you, Starman. You blew our minds...
a video tribute to David Bowie. a tribute from a

tiny insect of video art to one of the genres' greatest champions.


"GetBackMcFly Muxer"

Released for BTTF day in homage to the dude I always wanted to be when I was a kid, Biff...




"The Warm Embrace of GAWD"

This is actually the first Datamoshing video I ever made.  It features a wide selection of italian surrealist horror as well as modern immersive horror.  The whole piece gathers frenetically to climax. Turn the volume all the way up if you dare...




This is a Machinema made with Minecraft which was the safest game I could think of, which I use to tell the story of the most violent thing I have ever witnessed.



"Hofstadters' YoYo"

Combining external special effects, with Video Mixing and digital effects controlled during the shoot using a modded USB mouse struck with the YoYo mid-routine. In an attempt to shift from documenting the past, toward a sense of voyerism, of being experiential.



"RITUAL: be my lupercali baby"

This is the third installment of the RITUAL series. Which seeks to explore the ritual, or concept of ritual in our favorite holidays.  This video is focused on the 14th of Feburary.



"RITUAL: project the lies"

The first of the RITUAL series.  Which seeks to explore the ritual, or concept of ritual in our favorite holidays.   Oct 31st baby, buckle up.



"RITUAL: tis the season"

The second in the ongoing RITUAL series, which seeks to explore the ritual, or concept of ritual in our favorite holidays. Dec 26th ish... This installment features many languages and focuses on versions of that Jolly fat bastard up north from around europe.




Pure Datamoshing Porn.  Orginally created for display on a multi-media painting using Acrylic, Insects, and Gel mediums, on Masonite/LCD screen.  


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